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Loud & Proud: Indigeneity, Organizing, & the Catholic Church

June 11, 2021 Nuestro South Podcast Season 2 Episode 8
Nuestro South Podcast
Loud & Proud: Indigeneity, Organizing, & the Catholic Church
Show Notes

The Nuestro South Loud & Proud series focuses on the Poder y Cultura that Nuestra Gente in the South can possess. From the comida que cocinamos, the music we play, and our labor which plants, cleans, and builds-- Nuestra Gente has grown deep roots in the south.

In this episode- P'urhépecha migrants in North Carolina hold an annual Saint Day Festival that allows their indigenous community in the US to share moments around cultural traditions, religious practice, but also political organizing to support their community in Cherán Mexico. When the story of Latinx immigrants staging a walkout in Durham from a Historically Black Catholic church, it was depicted as evidence of racial tensions, but what about the white supremacy within the catholic church that neglected the needs of both communities?

Dr. Yuri Ramirez is a Ford Foundation Fellow and Assistant Professor of history at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Currently, she is working on her book manuscript, tentatively titled Indigeneity on the Move: Transborder Politics from Michoacán to North Carolina and has written many more pieces on racial and indigenous histories that continue to shape the US South. 

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The Nuestro South Loud & Proud Interview Series is produced by Axel Herrera, Julie Weise, and Erik Valera with generous sponsorship from the Whiting Foundation, the University of Oregon College of Arts and Sciences, and LatinxEd.