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Loud & Proud: “Las Polleras de Mississippi” Part 1 (En Español)

May 07, 2021 Nuestro South Podcast Season 2 Episode 3
Nuestro South Podcast
Loud & Proud: “Las Polleras de Mississippi” Part 1 (En Español)
Show Notes

The Nuestro South Loud & Proud series focuses on the Poder y Cultura that Nuestra Gente in the South can possess. From the comida que cocinamos, the music we play, and our labor which plants, cleans, and builds-- Nuestra Gente has grown deep roots in the south.

Part 1 of "Las Polleras de Mississippi" is a bilingual conversation with a fellow friend and immigrant from Guatemala and professor Angela Stuesse.

In this episode- ¡Es como un mini-Guatemala! A pesar de vivir en una región que tiene una historia bastante compleja y racista para personas Afro-Americanas o cualquier otra minoría, Mississippi ha llegado a ser un hogar para muchos inmigrantes.

Nuestro invitado nos cuenta su historia acerca de cómo fue que llegó a decidir dejar su hogar en Guatemala, su experiencia al llegar a Mississippi, y como ahora tiene sus propias raíces y comunidad en Mississippi.

Angela Stuesse is an associate professor of anthropology and global studies at UNC Chapel Hill. She spent the last 20+ years doing activist research alongside Latinx Immigrant communities in the south. She is the author of Scratching Out a Living: Latinos, Race, and Work in the deep South. She continues to write and advocate for workers that are increasingly vulnerable in the times of heightened immigration enforcement and health and safety within a pandemic.

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The Nuestro South Loud & Proud Interview Series is produced by Axel Herrera, Julie Weise, and Erik Valera with generous sponsorship from the Whiting Foundation, the University of Oregon College of Arts and Sciences, and LatinxEd.