Nuestro South Podcast

Loud & Proud: Race, Labor, and Chicanos in the South

April 23, 2021 Nuestro South Podcast Season 2 Episode 1
Nuestro South Podcast
Loud & Proud: Race, Labor, and Chicanos in the South
Show Notes

The Nuestro South Loud & Proud series focuses on the Poder y Cultura that Nuestra Gente in the South can possess. From the comida que cocinamos, the music we play, and our labor which plants, cleans, and builds-- Nuestra Gente has grown deep roots in the south.

In this episode- Why don’t children of Mexicans in the South identify as Chicanos? How do racial dynamics impact the workplace for immigrants? Do Latinos have a Southern accent?

Our conversation with Professor Perla Guerrero helps us explore how geography influences racial dynamics in her hometown of Arkansas and how young southern folk can find a sense of belonging and purpose within our diverse history. Perla M. Guerrero is an Associate Professor of American Studies and Latinx Studies. She is the author of Nuevo South: Latinas/os, Asians and the Remaking of Place and is working on a second book about deportation and coerced return to México.

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The Nuestro South Loud & Proud InterSeries is produced by Axel Herrera, Julie Weise, Erik Valera with generous sponsorship from the Whiting Foundation, the University of Oregon College of Arts and Sciences, and Latinx Ed.