Nuestro South Podcast

Episode #2 - Mexicans school Mississippi

May 14, 2019 Nuestro South Podcast Season 1 Episode 2
Nuestro South Podcast
Episode #2 - Mexicans school Mississippi
Show Notes

You may think Mississippi was all black and white back in the day, but n’ombre - our gente were there too! Today we meet Rafael Landrove: A Mexican sharecropper in 1920s Mississippi who came from Mexico, called himself Cuban, and fought to send his kids to the white school. Our parents fought for our education in the South, too, but in a different way. What about yours? - This podcast is produced by Ricky Hurtado, Erik Valera, and Julie Weise, with generous sponsorship from the Whiting Foundation, the University of Oregon College of Arts and Sciences, and Latinx Ed. Edited by Dorian Gomez.

To learn more about Mexicanos in Mississippi 1910s-30s, check out:

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