Nuestro South Podcast

Nuestro South Refried: Growing up in a Black & White South

September 14, 2022 Nuestro South Podcast Season 3 Episode 2
Nuestro South Podcast
Nuestro South Refried: Growing up in a Black & White South
Show Notes

If you’re from the South, you know that Nuestra Gente have been written out of the history books.  So we took it upon ourselves to bring you the history we were not taught in school. 

The Nuestro South podcast debuted in 2019. Now, we’re back with new ingredients. Our stories feature illustrations by North Carolina artist,  Antonio Alanis.  Our hosts Bryan, Daisy, Dorian, and Axel invite you to share in a rich conversation about growing up Latina/o/x in the South. You know the flavor. Welcome to Nuestro South, Refried!

On this episode our Nuestro South crew dives into a story on how Mexicanos faced opportunity and discrimination due to Jim Crow in the Mississippi in thee early 1930s. We then take a dive into the juicy questions about how our people navigate the racial dynamics of the South, where we find our power in the face of a discriminatory system, and how Nuestra Gente starts claiming our own home in the South without performing for whiteness.

Hosts: Daisy Almonte, Bryan Mejia, Axel Herrera, Dorian Gomez
Producers: Julie Weise, Erik Valera, Elaine Utin, Ricky Hurtado
LatinxEd Staff: Maria Pulido, Lucero Rocha, Isabella Lima
Editor: Dorian Gomez
Illustrator: Antonio Alanis
Graphics: Keyla Ferretiz
This project was made possible through the generous support of The Whiting Foundation, the Southern Documentary Fund, and LatinxED

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Music for this video is obtained through the Artlist Personal License.
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